Jeannie Chambers, author of books for children and teenagers

Jeannie Chambers, author of books for children and teenagers

Jeannie Chambers, author of books for children and teenagersJeannie Chambers, author of books for children and teenagersJeannie Chambers, author of books for children and teenagers

About Me

My background


Southern born and bread. I mean bred, I've been trying to give up on bread, but it and every other forbidden fruit is always on my mind. 

Here I am, past mid-life, but ever still the casual observer I was as a child.

I worked in a hospital for fifteen years before becoming a Realtor twenty-eight  years ago.

I live in a beautiful part of North Carolina surrounded by trees. I thought my South Carolina hometown was small, but when I discovered western NC, I was blown away.


My writing roots


I credit my Daddy for instilling the love of writing in me. He read to me, and told me stories-lots of stories. One of the ones I remember the most was the story of Wynken, Blynken, and nod by Eugene Field. He read it slowly, and his melodic natural bass voice was like fairy dust and I was in slumberland faster than I ever wanted.

I also credit my Mama for always reminding me to read. "You can go anywhere in the world you want by opening up a book." She was a wonderful cook, and had the ability of telling stories through the food she prepared and shared with others.


I miss them both every day, but every once and awhile, as I'm writing, I  can almost see their faces-full of pride, and that gives me encouragement to keep going. 

I've known I wanted to write since I was in junior high school, but it wasn't until I had two daughters that I realized I had to write. I answered one of those ads, 'Do you want to write for children?', and completed the course Writing for Children and Teenagers from the Institute of Children's Literature.

Now, those little girls are grown and have children of their own, and my passion to write remains strong.

I'm a huge fan of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It's an annual writing challenge to write 50,000 words during the month of November. The feeling of elation upon realization that you've 'won' is as wonderful as sprinting across the finish line of a race. After coming down from the "I DID it' high, I realized those 50,000 words weren't the end, but the much needed road map for me to reach my final destination of publication. Along the way, there are delays and detours such as rewrites and many hours of editing. 

My style


My style is simple like me. I'm not sure it started out as intentional, but  I seem to always add a little humor to my stories.

I write general fiction in several genres- middle grade, young adult, and general women's fiction. It's not chick-lit, it's certainly not literary fiction, and I probably don't follow 'the rules'. 

I also write non fiction articles for two local publications. I write a real estate article for a weekly newspaper on a rotational basis, and a gardening article  for  The Laurel  Magazine under the moniker The Accidental Gardener. I'm in a writer's group with several poets and writers where I bore them with my tedious re-writes of my work-in-progress children's books.