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Arnetta and the Mirror of Destiny

Sixteen-year-old Arnetta Price isn’t sure exactly where her place is in life. She wishes she had what most girls had...a family, but they left her to live her life somewhat as an orphan, being raised by her grandparents. 

     After meeting L. M., a little person, and Brinda, a Cherokee runaway, she realizes friends come in all shapes and ages, and some people may come into our lives for a reason. 

     When Arnetta comes across a mirror in an antique store, she discovers an unlikely connection that could change things forever. 

     Set in 1985, in the mill town of Landreth, SC, Arnetta finds she may be a small-town girl, but the skies are the limit when it comes to the future. 

Arnetta and the Mirror of Destiny is scheduled to be released spring of 2020.

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